CLOUD COMPUTING - Are you a service provider? Then get ready for the Cloud! - Can you offer your customers compliant voice recording from the Cloud? - Are you providing your call center customers with cloud-based quality management solutions?
Business markets are undergoing transformational changes, and product cycles are becoming increasingly shorter. This presents a challenge for companies of all sizes and requires a flexible IT infrastructure to respond to each change in a dynamic manner. At the same time, cost savings remain imperative, requiring further reduction in IT spending and budgets. Companies can address these challenges by hosting applications in the Cloud.


Cloud Computing, i.e. sharing computing resources, applications and data on demand, allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs and ensures that they can always rely on the latest technology. Additionally, utilizing Cloud-based applications enables any enterprise to focus on core businesses instead of taking care of an own on-premise IT infrastructure.

ASC's neo suite has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of service providers, enabling you to provide recording and quality management as a service to your customers. The true multi-tenant architecture of neo allows you to configure an unlimited number of tenants on one platform. Advanced redundancy and security features, such as tenant-specific encryption, allow you to operate a fully secured high-availability service. And of course, ASC's neo suite is available in Cloud-based subscription model, so you can flex up and down as needed.
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